The Sunday Round - 1

Artists, creativity, future, economics, cities, society, infrastructure, citizenship, sustainability.
A round up of the things we've seen, read or been interested in this week.

This week: art as an economic tool addressing exploitation, a very frank 'Art World Walkthrough', challenging the Fringe, urban planning as a practice that excludes people, how the mayor of London plans to save artist's workspace and how citizens will solve the housing crisis using data and tech.



1.     What Is This Art Gallery Doing on a Congolese Palm-Oil Plantation?

2.     How to Put On An Exhibition – The White Pube

3.     Fringe is Uber: A Model Dependent upon the Exploitation of Artists

4.     Mayor to explore Creative Land Trust to support artists' workspace

5.     Citizens are going to solve the housing crises – Andy Reeve | TEDxBrum

6.  What counts as real city planning?


Lush Film Fund. The fund commits £250,000 to help finance small-to-medium-sized film projects that focus on raising awareness around the issues of animal protection, environmental preservation, and human rights. Details:

Kosmos Open Call - Shrinking Space. Shrinking Space are commissioning artists as part of an interdisciplinary arts programme at Wakehurst, Kew Gardens. Details:

Public Art Commission - Creative Eastleigh. An artist call out to create a permanent public art feature in Eastleigh. Details: