Artist & community organising for equitable, creative ecosystems




It all started when…

Artists would routinely come to us frustrated that they couldn’t find the necessary match or seed funding for their projects. Or they couldn’t develop relationships with the existing arts spaces and regularly-funded organisations in the region.

PROTOTYPE emerged as a way to collate resources to support artistic practice. The project is divided into workshops that connect artists with commissioning bodies to develop relationships with and proposals for arts spaces, in addition to a live crowdfunding event that

Where crowdsourcing and artistic practice collide. Formerly, 'The Proposal', PROTOTYPE gives space to artists and producers sharing prototypes of their ideas, in whatever way best represents their project: performance, maquette, presentation, reading, etc. The audience donate their ideas, cash and contacts, before voting for the project they want to see walk away with the crowdfund.

The aim of PROTOTYPE is to build a community that shares resources, that also values and supports local artistic practice and production in all of its forms.