“Professional, passionate, pioneering.”

"As an artist working in Birmingham, to know that organisations such as MAIA successfully operates and continues to grow fills me with hope and joy for the future of the city. Amahra and her team are professional, passionate and pioneering in their attitude towards all artistic practices and people. Their efforts and importance should never be underestimated."

— Laurie Ramsell, Artist

“Excellence in execution.”

"Working with MAIA was great for me at such an early point of my journey as an artist. I felt like I learnt the standard; what to expect from fellow artists and organisations when collaborating. It was great to work with people who have vision, passion and excellence in their execution."

— Danai Makwiramiti, Artist, Poet, Writer


Through Ort Gallery I have worked with the team behind MAIA for several years. The experience has been incredibly rich for both parties as the collaboration has allowed for true, organic growth of our audiences and has allowed us to give these audiences new experiences and opportunities. We hope to continue working with MAIA  for years to come and to create many more fantastic projects.

— Josephine Reichert - Ort Gallery, Director


“A wealth of knowledge & genuine passion.”

"BBC Radio 1Xtra’s partnership with MAIA was an invaluable component of our campaign in Birmingham. Alongside Beatfreeks, they helped form the backbone of our entire month of workshops and events in the lead up to 1Xtra Live 2014. MAIA were a pleasure to work with directly on our live music nights with Trevor Nelson at the Rainbow Rooms - and provided a wealth of knowledge and genuine passion for the spoken word and live music scene in Birmingham." 

—Julie Shepherd, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Outreach Producer