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Reading List - August 2018

A round-up of things we’ve been interested in this month. In this list: the relationship between artists, technology and activism, gal-dem, artists protesting arms trade Design Museum event and more.

1. The Global Tourism Backlash: Rather than limit tourism, cities must build more inclusive and sustainable places for residents, workers and visitors alike, Richard Florida writes.

2. "We are offering something people didn't get before": inside gal-dem. How the gal-den collective of  women and non-binary people of colour is disrupting traditional media.

3. How Can Art and Tech Change the World? The relationship between artists, new technologies and activism. Through virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other immersive media, these artists are developing new forms that shape what the future looks like.

4. Artists remove works from Design Museum in protest at arms trade event: Artists remove work from the Design Museum’s ‘Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008–18’ exhibition in protest at the museum hosting a private event organised by Italian aerospace and defence company Leonardo.

5. Placing Audiences at the Centre - People Place Power: Justine Themen reflects on the inextricable link between genuinely engaging communities and artistic excellence ahead of Coventry City of Culture 2022

6. ACE draws on Lottery reserves for NPO funding: Grants to individual artists down as National Portfolio Organisations receive three-quarters of Arts Council England's Lottery grant expenditure.

7. Who Ever Heard of a Black Artist? Britain's Hidden Art History: Brenda Emmanus follows acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce as she leads a team preparing a new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, highlighting artists of African and Asian descent who have helped to shape the history of British art.

8. Can neuroscience help build better cities?: Future Cities Catapult have developed a framework using research from the field of neuroscience to develop innovative solutions to urban challenges. Their work presents compelling evidence on the public health impacts of environmental factors such as air quality

9. Brazil’s New Wave of Filmmakers Tackles Racism: Even though the majority of Brazil’s female population is black, Brazilian cinema is still dominated by white talent. A new generation of filmmakers is bringing Brazil’s black female experience to the big screen.

10. Majority Of Black Americans Value Social Media For Amplifying Lesser-Known Issues: black Americans — eight in 10— value social media platforms for magnifying issues that aren't usually discussed.

11. Visualising the hidden 'logic' of cities: Boeing, an urban planning scholar at the University of California has developed a mapping tool which visualises road patterns and "urban logic".

12. The Music in Us: Art, Inspiration & Health: "I know, without a doubt, that it is my son’s ability to dance, to feel his body connecting to his passion, that gave him the strength to begin to believe that he could feel well. To feel and believe in yourself is everything. If we nourished the human first and then the system, might we be more successful in achieving healthy outcomes?"