Artist & community organising for equitable, creative ecosystems
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Research: Alternative Civics


In a constant process of curiosity and learning around how artists are working, what they need, and what their hopes and challenges are, research directly informs the ever-evolving work of MAIA, including what and how we invest into practitioners and creative ecosystems.

Alternative Civics is our research lab championing citizen artistry, exploring how artists and creative practitioners can work with communities to produce solutions that combat social and environmental inequities. Through this platform, we want to explore how artists and creatives activate on the initial conditions – the systemic challenges – in order to reimagine bold possibilities for the future.

Currently, we host a series called ‘Of the City’, bringing together citizens and creative practitioners to discuss things that affect citizen and artistic life.

Through Alternative Civics, we will establish a Fellowship, supporting civic-minded artists and socially-engaged practitioners to create new works working towards tangible change.