Artist & community organising for equitable, creative ecosystems

Mission Areas

Key Mission Areas


MAIA creates places and spaces for artists to organise, present their work and share ideas. Too often provision for artists is temporary and unstable, and having a base - particularly a permanent place to meet and work - provides the grounding upon which to engage with the city whilst being truly present and safe; being at home.

Designing and running intentional artist-led spaces means not having to compromise on the mission of work in a way that existing institutions are not currently set up for, and the Art Hotel demonstrates through physical infrastructure all that is possible for the future of an equitable city, with artists and local citizens able to operate on their own terms.

Supporting the creative capacities of artists, practitioners and communities, MAIA champions development in the broadest sense. We provide creative, practical skills to community groups and creatives, including digital skills, DIY making, creative writing and performance. We also support artists to develop entrepreneurial and professional practice skills for career development.

But we are also passionate about reframing what ‘development’ means in a city context, centred on the belief that communities and socially-engaged artists are also change-makers and developers of ‘place’.

Exploring all of the ways creative people contribute to the world around them, MAIA acts as a broker for the rich and complex value that artists bring into places and advocates for the fair and equitable redistribution of that value. A particular focus is, therefore, artist-supported, community-centric regeneration that stands against gentrification and displacement.

MAIA’s work consistently puts decision-making and collective power into the hands of artists, particularly those not represented in the city’s creative and cultural leadership, by raising important dialogues, hostings forums across industries and creating space for artists to establish their ask from the city from a position of strength, rather than the other way around.

Research & Investment
In a constant process of curiosity and learning around how artists are working, what they need, and what their hopes and challenges are, research directly informs the ever-evolving work of MAIA, including what and how they invest into practitioners and creative ecosystems.

Going beyond traditional economic models, MAIA experiments with approaches from other fields and applies them in an arts context, with a particular emphasis on acknowledging interdependencies, citizen artistry and long-term, meaningful investments such as residencies and fellowships.