MAIA works to develop and support artists, practitioners, audiences, ideas and networks, in the interest of sustaining a healthy creative ecosystem.

The Scratch Night

The Scratch Night presents space for artists, writers and performers to share new work or works-in-progress for a community that embraces imperfection and celebrates process. The Scratch Night presented artists with no pressure to be 'polished', only to explore and be honest, giving audiences early insights into their work. The Scratch Night ran 2014-2017.

Credit: Happytimes Photography / Myah Jeffers / Click Jones




Where crowdsourcing and artistic practice collide. Formerly, 'The Proposal', PROTOTYPE gives space to artists and producers sharing prototypes of their ideas, in whatever way best represents their project: performance, maquette, presentation, reading, etc. The audience donate their ideas, cash and contacts, before voting for the project they want to see walk away with the crowdfund.

The aim of PROTOTYPE is to build a community that shares resources, that also values and supports local artistic practice and production in all of its forms.

The next call out for projects will be in early 2018.

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P.O.C. : The Network for Producers of Colour

P.O.C. is an open network for producers of colour, working across the creative & media industries. Members include artist-producers, arts administrators, creative producers, film, TV & radio producers, curators, programers and project managers, working in the arts, media and digital fields.

POC was set up primarily to explore the possibilities of coming together, across sectors and experience. In an attempt to better equip and connect producers of colour, the network promotes collectivity, resource-sharing and peer-exchange, acknowledging the wealth of resources, assets, ideas and intelligence already existing within the group.

The forum addresses the racial inequities prevalent in the creative industries. Acknowledging producers as the instigators and organisers of projects, ideas and movements, POC asks how a forum can organise with equity and make best, efficient use of shared resources.