The Sunday Round - 14

Artists, cities, society, infrastructure, citizenship and more.
A round up of opportunities and the things we've seen, read or been interested in this week.

This week: the concealed history of Black British art, how neuroscience could help build better cities, how Brazilian filmmakers are tackling racism and more. PLUS, four paid opportunities/commissions.


1. Who Ever Heard of a Black Artist? Britain's Hidden Art History: Brenda Emmanus follows acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce as she leads a team preparing a new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, highlighting artists of African and Asian descent who have helped to shape the history of British art.

2. Can neuroscience help build better cities?: Future Cities Catapult have developed a framework using research from the field of neuroscience to develop innovative solutions to urban challenges. Their work presents compelling evidence on the public health impacts of environmental factors such as air quality

3. Brazil’s New Wave of Filmmakers Tackles Racism: Even though the majority of Brazil’s female population is black, Brazilian cinema is still dominated by white talent. A new generation of filmmakers is bringing Brazil’s black female experience to the big screen.

4. Majority Of Black Americans Value Social Media For Amplifying Lesser-Known Issues: black Americans — eight in 10— value social media platforms for magnifying issues that aren't usually discussed.

5. Visualising the hidden 'logic' of cities: Boeing, an urban planning scholar at the University of California has developed a mapping tool which visualises road patterns and "urban logic".

6. The Music in Us: Art, Inspiration & Health: "I know, without a doubt, that it is my son’s ability to dance, to feel his body connecting to his passion, that gave him the strength to begin to believe that he could feel well. To feel and believe in yourself is everything. If we nourished the human first and then the system, might we be more successful in achieving healthy outcomes?"


Artstrain are looking for 2 artists, aged 16-25 to create new material in response to 'Gentrification' and how it's impacting your community - £500 to make it happen.

Rhizome present an open call for micro grant proposals - juries will select projects in three categories: net art, VR and poetry. Awards range from $500-$1500.

air_frankfurt present an international call for a curator in residence, under 40 years, living outside of Germany. The curatorial residency program is to enhance international curatorial research and discourse in frankfurt. The resident will be fully funded by the city of frankfurt, covering travel expenses, accommodation and a per diem of 1000€/month.

Essex Cultural Diversity Project is currently calling for proposals for their second  place-based artist commission, which will focus on Harlow. The budget available for the commission is £10,000 (to include any VAT). This will cover artist fee, travel and materials.