The Sunday Round - 12

Artists, cities, society, infrastructure, citizenship and more.
A round up of opportunities and the things we've seen, read or been interested in this week

This week: SIX new opportunities, graffiti and copyright, courage and artistry as an antidote to hate and fear, gentrification and more.


1. Gentrification - part 5: "New Bohemias: Artists, Hipsters & Gentrification" "Their target: areas where property is cheap, preferably near cultural venues and places with a ‘history’ – places, in other words, where lower-income people live.... They open new artists’ studios, art galleries, bijou shops.  They get involved in local governance and politics.  Rents and property prices rise."

2. Hilton Als, The Art of the Essay No. 3 "When artists allow ideology to become the work, they sell our imagination cheap. They're not letting others have the experience of looking, of alchemy, of intention - they're rendering that unimportant."

3.  Want to be an artist or designer? New study shows you need rich parents A new study by the US Department of Labour has found that people currently in the most creative professions, including Designers, Musicians and Artists, came predominantly from richer parents.

4. G.M. Used Graffiti in a Car Ad. Should the Artist Be Paid?  After General Motors used Adrian Falkner’s Detroit mural in an ad campaign, the artist sued the company, claiming it had infringed on his work’s copyright.

5. Damon Davis - Courage is contagious, TED Talk  "I think that's part of our job as artists. I think we should be conveyors of courage in the work that we do. And I think that we are the wall between the normal folks and the people that use their power to spread fear and hate"


Arts Catalyst: Instagram Artist / Curator Residency Open Call: interested in arts and science, take over Arts Catalyst's Instagram account for 3 weeks, sharing work/thoughts in relation to migration, ancestry, race & biometrics. £500 fee.

PUSH Festival 2018: Call-Out for Theatre Submissions: looking for three theatre makers, companies or artists in the North West to present a production in this year’s festival. £1000 fee + 75% box office, 2-3 dates.

Axisweb 48 Hour Micro Residency: Reflecting Axisweb's temporary occupation of ex-commercial properties, Axisweb members can apply to undertake a 48 hour residency at one of the Vacant Space properties to develop artistic research. Results of the residency will remain exhibited for a month in the property. 

The Florence Kleiner Bursary: £12,000 to support an emerging female director based outside of London in a year-long placement at The Old Vic.

Rebecca Swift Foundation: Women Poets’ Prize: offering three female-identifying poets £1000 bursary, mentoring, pastoral support and more, with partners aber and Faber, The Literary Consultancy, RADA, City Lit, Verve Festival, Bath Spa University, and The Poetry School.

Emergency: Artist Opportunity: hÅb’s annual platform for live art + contemporary performance, is now open for proposals, inviting those in live art and contemporary performance to submit proposals of short pieces of work, works-in-progress, or extracts of longer works. Proposals are also encouraged for durational, one-to-one and limited capacity work, as well as performance installation and intervention-based works in-and-around the spaces available.