The Sunday Round - 10

Artists, cities, society, infrastructure, citizenship and more.
A round up of opportunities and the things we've seen, read or been interested in this week

This week: Scotland makes culture central to policy-making, an advocacy strategy for visual artists, how a poem removed nitrogen oxide from the environment and more.



1. How a poem removed two tonnes of nitrogen oxide from the surrounding environmentIn the time that In Praise of Air hung above the busy A57 in Sheffield, it is estimated that it removed around two tonnes of nitrogen oxide – the toxic gas emitted in exhaust fumes which causes lung disease – from the surrounding environment.

2. Scotland plans to make culture central to policy-making: Ensuring culture is fundamental to Scotland’s social and economic prosperity is a core aim of the country’s first culture strategy in over ten years. Plans revealed for a new cultural leadership post within Government and new ways of funding the arts.

3. Valuing Artists - Blueprint for Change: a-n's 5 year advocacy strategy for UK public artists, including fair payment, Brexit, diversity and more.

4. In defense of loud, black summers: "We were just a decade removed from the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx where innovative DJs played music in the parks and the streets, thus giving kids a nonviolent way to release energy."

5. Food and Gentrification: Researcher and curator Hudda Khaireh and food journalist Pelin Keskin discuss food, class and encroachment.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019 seeking submissions for a week-long ‘City Takeover’ in Nottingham. The call is open to artists aged 18-30 working in a variety of art forms

Bluecoat Residency: an international residency opportunity for an artist  from South India to undertake a residency at Bluecoat as part of the wider Articulating Women programme. Whilst the artist in residence will be expected to engage with the themes of intersectionality, this residency is intended to promote open-ended artistic research.

'Meet Me At...' Artists call out: The Albany are looking for artists or a company to creatively capture and document the work they do with over 60s. The project will take place between Autumn 2018 and March 2019.