The MAIA Group run artist-led interventions, exploring the relationship between artists, culture and society.

Through projects, research and client work, MAIA investigates what an artist-friendly city means for everyone. This includes the role of arts/artists in (re)developing cities and spaces, the value of artists in unconventional forums, the impact of creative practice on society, the economics of the creative industries and how artists live/work.

Current projects include:

- Art Hotel; proposing a multipurpose, artist-led hotel, arts project/exhibition space and community hub.

- PROTOTYPE (formerly, The PROPOSAL); an event bringing people together to crowdsource early-stage artistic projects and ideas, in partnership with Grand Union.

- P.O.C.; a peer-support forum for creative (arts + media) producers of colour, in partnership with BAMWorks.


  • Research and advocacy
  • Creative direction and curation
  • Project management and production
  • Audience development and communications
  • Artist development & business support




Mark Riviere, director
Amber Caldwell, director
Amahra Spence, director and producer
Josephine Reichert, director and producer
Bex Phillips, production + communications co-ordinator
Lou Robbin, projects co-ordinator
Selina Losa Gonzalez, arts + events assistant
Yinka Danmole, associate producer
Jax Asuncion, associate producer