MAIA run artist-led interventions, exploring the relationship between artists, creative professionals, culture and society.

Through projects, research and client work, MAIA investigate what an artist-friendly city means for everyone. This includes the role of arts/artists in (re)developing cities and spaces, the value of artists in unconventional forums, the impact of creative practice on society, the economics of the creative industries and how artists live/work.

Current projects include:

- Art Hotel; proposing a multipurpose, artist-led hotel, arts project/exhibition space and community hub.

- PROTOTYPE (formerly, The PROPOSAL); an event bringing people together to crowdsource early-stage artistic projects and ideas, in partnership with Grand Union.

- P.O.C.; a peer-support forum for creative (arts, media & events) producers of colour. In partnership with BAMWorks. The forum addresses racial inequities that are prevalent in the creative industries, particularly in relation to access (of opportunity, resources, etc), asking how POC can organise, share and build with efficiency and equity.


  • Research and advocacy
  • Creative direction and curation
  • Project management and production
  • Audience development and communications
  • Artist development & business support




Mark Riviere, director
Amber Caldwell, director
Amahra Spence, director and producer
Josephine Reichert, director and producer
Bex Phillips, production + communications co-ordinator
Lou Robbin, projects co-ordinator
Selina Losa Gonzalez, arts + events assistant
Yinka Danmole, associate producer
Jax Asuncion, associate producer


Photography: Marcin Sz